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Information of Project 

The PARIWARTAN project is implementing by EDC- Nepal in Doti district supported by EU and DCA since 2019. The short information of project are as follows.

Project Name:

PARticipation, Inclusion and wider CSOs Action’s for Responsive, Transparent and Accountable Local Government in Nepal (PARIWARTAN)

Overall Objective: 

To increase citizens’ meaningful participation in Sub-national-good governance in Nepal

Specific Objective:

To empower citizens and their organizations to effectively engage with the Sub-National Governments in promoting transparency and accountability in the governance processes in Province 7 of Nepal.

Total budget:  For the 48 Months: 316,287 (In EUR)

Project staffs: 11 (Female 3)

The main action will:

(i)             Empower citizens through knowledge and capacity building supports,

(ii)            Promote participatory and inclusive decision making and planning processes,

(iii)           Promote e-governance at LG level for increased transparency and accountability

(iv)          Facilitate LG-PG interface for multiplier effect and

(v)           Strengthen multi-stakeholder engagement approach across the action.

Working Areas :

1. Shikhar Municipality

2. KI Singh Rural Municipality

3. Jorayal Rural Municipality

Expected Result of the project:

1.      Increased knowledge and capacity among citizens and CSOs to engage with and hold the Local Government (LG) accountable for improving governance:

2.     Needs and interests of citizens especially poor and marginalized citizens (women, Dalits and ethnic groups) reflected in LG policies, plans and programmes:

3.     Inclusive and improved service delivery and monitoring mechanism established at LG level:

4.     Increased interactions among LGs and PG to support well-coordinated and need based development policies, plans and programmes in Province 7


Our Location

  • +977-094 - 411050, 411185
  • P.O. Box No.: -
  • Dipayal Silgadhi Municipality, Ward No. 5 Silgadhi Doti 7 No Provenance